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Resident praises “top notch” rail operatives

Track maintenance operatives working for UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd have been praised for the sensitive way they worked with householders while inspecting two culverts on a main railway line. Network Rail commissioned the company, part of Lanes Group plc, to investigate track flooding problems associated with two culverts on the Brighton Main Line at Hassocks, […]


Bog Standard service, I don’t think so

Project: Blocked Drain Customer: Unnamed Leading Insurer Sector: Insurance Location: unable to disclose The Project  The Customer Ownership Team took a call from a leading insurer regarding a collapsed drain, which was causing a policyholder’s toilet to back up, leaving them without toilet facilities. The insurance claim handler considered it urgent and a priority to rectify. The Solution UKDN […]

Pipe repair excavation – Claire and Chris Hawes

Project: Pipe repair excavation Client:  Claire and Chris Hawes The Challenge The blockage in the pipe was very close to the back of the house. This meant care was needed to avoid damaging the foundations. Because the pipe ran from under a basement, it was also three metres underground, so a lot of material had to be […]

Blocked Wildlife tunnel HeX

Blocked wildlife tunnel – Heathrow Express

Project: Drain repair and reline Customer: Network Rail Sector: Rail Location: London Background Heathrow Express is an airport rail link between London Heathrow Airport and London Paddington station. The service is operated by the Heathrow Express Operating Authority, a wholly owned subsidiary of BAA. It is not legally part of the National Rail system, even though it shares track […]

Midgham station Level crossing

Midgham Station – No Dig versus conventional drain re-instatement

Project: No dig track drainage renewal Customer: Amey Colas Western, for Network Rail Sector: Rail Location: Midgham, Berkshire The challenge The client wanted to renew over 250m of track drainage at Midgham Station. It commissioned us to carry out a CCTV camera drainage survey of current system, and then asked us to submit a plan for a technical solution. […]

Culvert remediation from UKDN Waterflow

Pipe Jacking solution solves culvert collapse

Project: Culvert pipe jacking Customer: Network Rail Sector: Rail Location: Filton, Bristol   The challenge A six-feet wide and 90m-long section of culvert, made from corrugated steel, collapsed. It caused localised flooding that threatened the operations of the country’s largest NHS blood bank. Network Rail put in emergency over-pumping, with a capacity of more than seven million litres per […]

Preparing for Crossrail groundwork by protecting a 120m Sewer

Project: Sewer protection Customer: Thames Water Sector: Utilities Location: Mayfair, Central London The challenge We were commissioned to install two pipe liners to strengthen a sewer so it was protected from potential movements caused by tunnelling under Davies Street, Mayfair, for Crossrail, the new east-west rail line though London. The design and shape of the sewer, plus access limitations, […]

Kings road railway and gardens

Routine CCTV work uncovers need for major Fulham reinforcement works

Project: Sewer reinforcement Customer: Thames Water Sector: Utilities Location: Fulham, West London The challenge While carrying out a routine survey, one of our CCTV drainage survey crews identified a problem that resulted in the need for an emergency project to reinforce 70 metres of Victorian brick-built sewer running one metre from live railway lines. The survey team, carrying out […]

ISTT Ham Sewer Duplex stainless steel pipe

Unique stainless steel structural design protects important sewer in London

Project: Crossrail steel structural liner Customer: Crossrail Sector: Rail Location: East London The challenge Crossrail is a 118-kilometre (73-mile) east-west railway line being built in London and the Home Counties of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex. One of scheme’s 7.1-metre-diameter tunnel boring machines was due to come within 0.5m of the Ham sewer in East London, operated by Thames Water […]

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