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Non return valve

Mutant super rats and non return valves

National newspapers recently ran the shock headline ‘Mutant super rats immune to poison invade British homes’, highlighting hordes of brown rats escaping flooded drains across the south of England after storms unleashed torrential downpours on vast swathes of the country. Homeowners and businesses are right to be concerned about how they can deal with a potential rat […]

Tube modernisation sees specialist contractors named

£330million tube modernisation on the London Underground has seen 20 subcontractors and three consultants named after a major shake-up in the way it delivers station upgrade work, and UKDN Waterflow has been appointed one of the specialist subcontractors. Rail drainage UKDN WaterflowTube bosses are now working directly with subcontractors on the £330m tube modernisation plan over the […]

Plumbing trap blocked by fats, oil and grease

Piranha down your drain? That could be the least of your worries

The recent national headlines of piranha fish being found blocking drains in Telford, Shropshire has yet again highlighted the problems that can be caused through disposal of anything other than normal waste. UKDN Waterflow’s state of the art CCTV survey equipment is used around the country to locate and deal with such blockages. Operating colour […]