Customer Care & Advice

At UKDN Waterflow, customer care is integral to everything we do; it’s a continuous process.

Your needs are our priority. We always start by checking the aspects of our service that are most important for you, and making sure we understand your expectations of us, business-wise and individually. With our systems tailored to different types of business and market sectors, the process can be as simple or complex as you prefer.

Service Levels (SLAs) and Performance Indicators (KPIs) are important tools to help us drive the behaviours and outcomes that are important to you. UKDN Waterflow works to many different SLAs and we pride ourselves on outperforming the market. We’re always keen to ensure that levels and indicators aren’t over complicated, so they’re regularly reviewed for relevance to our shared objectives. Cost, customer satisfaction and compliance with your systems are the key measures in our generic KPIs.

Our management systems and processes are supported by state-of-the-art IT which applies EPI and SLA alerts so that service levels will never drift outside your expectations.

All UKDN Waterflow staff understand that customer experience and perception of service delivery create the value in our operation. That’s why we seize every opportunity to involve and train our frontline staff in the art of customer care. And we think it shows.

Rail Clients

At UKDN Waterflow, we do our utmost to ensure delivery in three key areas: safety, customers and quality.

At UKDN Rail, the team ensure that project delivery is completed efficiently, following all relevant Standards, Regulations and Legislation to guarantee that everyone is ‘Home Safe Everyday’. Thorough planning with every project allows for the team to make sure that programmes and budgets are established and maintained whilst ensuring safety, which is paramount to our work.

As well as safety, customers and other stakeholders are at the forefront of our projects and we make sure that when undertaking delivery of our schemes, we are ‘Putting Passengers First’. As well as meeting the requirements of the Client and Stakeholders, our experience in assessing how best to deliver the scope of works within limited possession times whilst keeping within the agreed programme and budget, ensures the overall customer experience is not disrupted.

The project does not end when the job is complete. In order to ensure projects are delivered as efficiently as possible, we undertake post-delivery reviews to understand issues which may have occurred on site and the “lessons learnt” from them; this assists in continually developing methodologies and working practices to offer the best possible service.

Within our planning, our team strive to look at the best solution to the issue on a long term basis, rather than short term. This ensures that rail lines and other factors are taken into consideration to minimise disruption.

As a Principal Contractor (PC) license holder, we need to ensure appropriate and robust Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental (HSQE) and other management systems are in place to effectively discharge our duties under the Construction, Design & Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 as well as meeting the additional requirements of Network Rail and other legislation and statutory Bodies.

The UKDN rail team works exclusively on Network Rail infrastructure and are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service to Network Rail. We have Project Managers dedicated to the various areas of the Network Rail structure who ensure consistency throughout to their clients.

We also undertake daily work point risk assessments & site diaries and also weekly Site Inspections and regular Safety Tours. We also attend site walkouts, client review meetings and NR Route Supplier Liaison Days, which enables us to successfully assess, review and deliver schemes safely throughout the NR portfolio.

Insurance Clients

When an incident happens, you just want the issue to be resolved as quickly as possible. That’s where we come in. Here at UKDN Waterflow, the customers are one of our three main focus points. We also make sure that at times of distress we carefully and efficiently complete our work to minimise worry and potentially further damage.

To ensure this, we put our claim handlers through vigorous courses and training to make sure that they have the skills to deal with any problems. In-house training is also completed regularly. This training aims to focus on how to identify vulnerable customers, and if any changes need to be made to ensure the work can be carried out with minimal disruption, making sure that your customer journey is as smooth as possible.

Each claim is given to a dedicated claim handler who has a thorough knowledge of each claim. This means that the customer can be assured that they have one point of contact, reducing any complications. Our procedures and processes are regularly updated to make sure that we are working as efficiently as possible. We take all feedback that we receive from our clients and put it into our day to day tasks, always listening and always improving