Ground breaking no-dig project keeps Liverpool Street Crossrail station on track at Moorgate

Project: Large diameter UV lining

Customer: BAM Nuttall Kier JV

Sector: Rail

Location: Moorgate, London.


The challenge

UKDN Waterflow (LG) was commissioned to install the largest diameter ultra-violet (UV) cured liner ever installed in Western Europe. The task was needed to strengthen a 1440mm diameter sewer located just seven metres from the path of Crossrail, the new east-west aboveground and underground railway line through London. Our CCTV drainage survey identified two lengths of sewer, each 10 metres long, that needed to be strengthened.

The solution

A no-dig technique involving UV lining was selected because the sewer needing to be strengthened was in such a hard-to-reach location.

It was seven metres below-ground within a basement under a London Underground ticket hall. One section was close to a listed building. Excavation of the other section would have caused unacceptable disruption of services through Moorgate Station.

UV lining delivered several important benefits. It could be carried out in a confined area. Also, the UV cure in place pipeline (CIPP) process was rapid, and created minimal amounts of waste.

However, the plan was so radical that no manufacturer could make a UV liner with such a large diameter. Our supplier had to upgrade its facilities to fulfil our order.

Customer comment

“The innovative thinking and proactive approach of UKDN Waterflow (LG) allowed this operation to be carried out with a minimum of disruption to the other site activities.  By working with the liner manufacturer to produce a custom product, we completed a very challenging job in just four days. No mean feat.”

Marcus Smith, BAM Nuttall Kier JV


A team of 12 engineers was deployed to crane the liners into position. The liners were suspended from multiple anchor points on their way down. This allowed them to be securely and safely positioned in front of the sewer entry points to begin the installation process. The work was carried out over just two weekends.


The sewer was successfully strengthened. Disruption to the travelling public was minimal. A new milestone was set in the installation of large diameter UV liners in Europe. The project to build Crossrail’s new station at Network Rail’s Liverpool Street Station was kept on track.