Non-drainage infrastructure works

Non-drainage infrastructure works

Work on a railway

UKDN Waterflow provides crucial services such as asset inspection and asset maintenance to non-drainage infrastructures. This includes buildings, rail environments and highways.

Our experienced teams of project managers and crews support structural and building maintenance work, embankment reinforcement and vegetation management.

Survey technicians use advanced CCTV survey technology for non-drainage applications, to provide detailed records and data.

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Infrastructure works

Asset inspection for rail trackside, roadside and buildings

  • Full CCTV surveys with reports and recommendations for repairs
  • QuickView rapid assessment of pipe service condition
  • Location and levels CAD mapping
  • RFID Asset Tagging
  • HADDMS (Highways Agency Drainage Data Management System)

Asset maintenance for rail trackside, roadside and buildings

  • High-pressure water jetting – large and small diameter pipe cleaning
  • Drainage ditch and culvert maintenance
  • Vegetation management – track and structures
  • Bridge painting
  • Graffiti removal
  • Fencing and walkway installation
  • Embankment stabilisation

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