CCTV drain surveys

CCTV drain surveys

Drain and sewer CCTV survey and inspection

CCTV drain surveys and inspection

CCTV technology is the only way to examine drains, sewers and pipelines in detail. At UKDN Waterflow, we use state of the art camera and software technology to deliver class-leading drainage system inspections and surveys and comprehensive reports.

Why survey drains?

A drain survey alerts you to any potential problems, such as structural issues (fractures or collapse), root ingress or blockages. Our CCTV surveys are suitable for any type of property — residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure such as roads, rail, utility, etc. Our services may well help you to avert a drainage disaster in the future.

Industry leading surveyor

Our CCTV surveyors are experienced and qualified to Water Industry standards so that the information we supply is consistent and reliable. UKDN Waterflow is proud to be widely regarded as the industry leader in the provision of CCTV drainage surveys and reports.

Comprehensive reporting  

From the data we collect from your survey, we compile a comprehensive report, or CAD drawings which detail the drain condition, invert levels, flow directions and connections. We will also give recommendations and itemised costs involved in any works that may be necessary to get your drains flowing fully.

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Large diameter sewer & drain survey

Our colour CCTV systems work in pipe diameters from just 75 mm up to major sewers at 2000 mm. We use explosion proof cameras for special environments, pan and tilt cameras, and a satellite system which surveys the main sewer whilst sending a satellite camera 30-metres along any lateral connections. Our fleet of CCTV survey units makes us one of the biggest providers of this service in the UK.

Mobile CCTV equipment

Where access is restricted or constrained, our portable CCTV systems provide regular and pan and tilt surveys without the need for van-mounted equipment. This flexibility lets us adapt our service meet your survey needs precisely.

Sewers under railway track

Our vast experience as a rail drainage contractor on London Underground and Network Rail infrastructures means we have rail-qualified personnel and advanced CCTV cameras for surveying drainage assets on, near or crossing rail tracks. This includes conventional track drainage, major sewers or culverts beneath tracks or any railway premises.

Rats infestations

UKDN Waterflow provide detailed CCTV surveys to look for and identify broken or displaced pipework that allows access for rats into a property.  Sorting the fact from fiction, it is very unusual for rats to access a property via the toilet bowl.  Rats do damage soft plastic pipework and can cause problems and damage by eating through the pipework.  More often than not any access via damaged or displaced pipework can be rectified by a simple patch liner being applied to the hole or displaced joint which stops access for the vermin.


“Thanks for all the work your crews did over the last 2 days, excellent work, UKDN Waterflow have always been the best jetting, lining and CCTV contractor by far, please pass on my thanks to your crews.”

Michael Bradshaw, Harrow London Borough Council

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