Delivery Unit Work for Rail Drainage

Within the rail sector, the term ‘Delivery Units’ describes all the day-to-day work that our local teams carry out. This work is primarily carried out on rail tracks and requires a vast amount of maintenance and repair work to keep train services running smoothly across the country.

Our Delivery Units provide solutions to all of the day-to-day drainage and maintenance issues that rail tracks are associated with; off-track as well as on-track.

Examples of problems that we would send a local team to solve include catch pit cleaning, septic tank emptying and surveying/inspection work. This work must be carried out by trained professionals. Dangerous gases and chemicals can build up within sewer systems and drainage devices, so having access to a full range of safety systems and tools is essential.

At UKDN Waterflow, we have a wealth of expertise in handling the day-to-day issues that affect rail tracks. We work with Network Rail to provide fast, reliable solutions to common drainage issues nationwide.  

What services do we offer to support Delivery Units?

Ditch Clearance

Our Ditch Cleaning Machines remove debris and litter from ditches.

Catch Pit Cleaning

The silt and residue that collects within a catch pit must be regularly removed.

Septic Tank Emptying

We offer a removal service to safely dispose of the sludge that builds up in a septic tank.

CCTV Survey Works (on and off track assets)

Our CCTV surveys can identify problems within a drainage network.

Culvert Inspection, Repairs and Maintenance

We examine and mend culverts to ensure the drains within them are flowing smoothly, and without leakage.

Troughing Repairs

Troughing protects power lines, signaling wires and telecommunication cables from damage. We install and repair troughs to protect this important equipment from harm.

Topographical Surveys

Our topographical surveys create a detailed map of an area of land, defining its boundaries, contours and feature lines.

Asset Condition Surveys

We survey drainage assets to ensure they are functioning optimally, and identify any potential issues.

Connectivity Surveys

We can survey drainage networks to identify key points where drains connect, as well as inlet and outlet points. This makes it easier to quickly identify the root cause of any drainage problems.

Headwalls Repairs

Debris during heavy weather or ground movements can cause headwalls to crack and require repairs.

Handrail Installation

We install handrails throughout train stations to assist with mobility. We offer decorative options to ensure the handrails match the station.