Vision and Corporate Social Responsibility

A splash of water

Our CSR Policy and Vision 

Is to be your best value partner for water and wastewater solutions, through exceptional customer service, safety, social responsibility and technical innovation.

Our CSR Policy

Focusing on several aspects of the environment, local communities and internal development. Being part of Lanes Group plc, UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd are committed to the following areas:

  • Environmentally
  • Valuing Our Employees
  • Enterprise
  • Community Co-operation
  • Employment
  • Educational Resources for all

With our on-going commitment and continual development to our staff, the local community and the environment we have launched a plan and commitment taking the company to 2025 and beyond. Click here to view, download and print our latest CSR Policy.

Our Values

Commitment by

  • going the extra mile for colleagues and customers
  • seeing things through
  • striving for the best for our customers

Integrity through

  • openness and honesty with customers, employees and colleagues
  • high moral standards
  • being accountable for our actions

Innovation by

  • continual improvement
  • innovating, technically and within our organisation
  • always aiming higher

Reliability by

  • delivering on our promises
  • being known as trustworthy

Safety in

  • ensuring safe behaviours at all times

Community focus

  • within each depot’s local area
  • within our own operation


  • internally, through teamwork
  • externally, with partner companies

Modern Day Slavery

UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd (part of Lanes Group plc) are committed to irradiating acts of modern day slavery and human trafficking from within the business. This also includes businesses within our supply chain. Our objective is to provide adequate resources, training and investment to increase awareness amongst staff to increase their knowledge and awareness to be able to
identify the practice.

Our Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy is available to from our parent company. Click here to Download.