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Ian Sandford as a WW2 parachutist

Ian jumps at the chance to honour D-Day veterans

Rail drainage and maintenance manager Ian Sandford is joining hundreds of former paratroopers in a “final salute” mass jump to honour all those involved in the D-Day landings. He will be among 250 former airborne soldiers and female parachutists who will jump from 30 Douglas DC3/C47 Dakota aircraft over France to mark the 75th anniversary […]

UKDN optimum performance drain grade

Are Your Drains Breaking the Law?

Download the “Are Your Drains Breaking the Law?” whitepaper Did you know that your drainage and sewerage system could be putting you at risk of prosecution, and the environment at risk of pollution? As far as the construction and architecture industries are concerned, everything from the pipework connections to the effectiveness of overall wastewater management […]


Tree roots damaging drains – what the experts say

Tree roots are often blamed for damaging drains and other underground structures – but what is the truth of the matter? And what should you do to prevent any problems occurring? Here at UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd, our drainage teams certainly often have to remove roots from drains and sewer pipes. It is a common […]

House for sale sign

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

When buying a new house it’s important to ensure no nasty surprises arise – especially after the purchase has been finalised. If problems with a property’s drainage system are left unaddressed or unidentified, it can present a number of costly short and long term consequences. Join the UKDN team as we explain what a home […]

Drains blocked with wet wipes

Drain Maintenance FAQs

Join the UKDN Waterflow (LG) team as we answer some of the most common drain related questions asked every single month on Google.   Q: What does a smelly drain mean?  A: Items that are disposed of down the drain such as food, hair and other substances can get clogged. Bacteria grow on these substances, […]