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The future’s bright for UKDN Waterflow (LG)

Welcome to UKDN Waterflow (LG) Limited, part of the Lanes Group plc.

In November 2015, Lanes acquired the business and certain assets of UKDN Waterflow Limited and UKDN Waterflow Technical Services Limited.

For our customers, it was very definitely good news: business as usual — but better. Behind the scenes, a huge amount of work was carried out and a strategy put in place to rebuild and reinforce the business, whilst continuing to look after our clients.

Lanes and UKDN operate as separate entities, but many of our depots now share bases with Lanes operating centres. Resources — manpower, technology, equipment, knowledge and expertise — are allocated where they are most needed. The result is an enhanced service all round.

Of course, as UKDN, we have continued to service our commercial and industrial clients, the water and sewerage industries, rail and infrastructure operators, as well as insurance and household customers, with our full range of drainage and clean water specialisms.

And we are happy to say that the UKDN Waterflow (LG) operation is flourishing with a renewed energy. Finance, HR and IT functions are managed from Group head office in Leeds. ISO audits have been passed (praising especially our management integration, customer satisfaction levels and team involvement) and all major accreditations have been retained. Further, our rail operation has moved a giant step forward by attaining Network Rail Principal Contractor Licence (PCL) status.

This re-focusing of the business is already showing results: UKDN Waterflow (LG)’s 250-strong workforce achieved a £12.5 million turnover in the eight-month period to July 2016.

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View our extensive case study library detailing our wealth of experience, expertise and value-added solutions that make UKDN Waterflow the natural choice for water, wastewater, infrastructure and drainage issues.

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Key Services:

  • Septic tanks: facts and legislation

    What is a septic tank? A septic tank collects wastewater and sewage from a property that is not connected to the main sewer system. How does it work? Wastewater enters the underground tank from an inlet pipe and gradually separates. Solids settle at the bottom, oils and greases form a layer of scum at the […]

  • Septic Tanks

    How does a septic tank work? A septic tank is installed underground to collect sewage from a property that is not connected to the public sewer network. Once in the septic tank, sewage separates naturally: solids settle to the bottom, fats form a scum on top, and the relatively clear effluent liquid stays in the […]

  • Drain unblocking

    We combine CCTV inspection with best practice techniques and processes for drain and sewer jetting to remove intrusions such as roots, heavy scales, FOG, cement deposits and other obstructions that can be found in drains, sewers and pipelines.

  • Drainage and sewer maintenance

    Avoid emergency drainage repair or sewerage renovation call outs with our asset management and maintenance programmes. Bespoke and expertly planned, our service will reduce the risk of asset failure and ensure on-going cost savings.

  • Civil engineering works

    Whether it’s a big or small project, we will support your civil engineering work. From minor projects such as open-cut drainage works to more extensive work including structural and architectural steelwork, embankment stabilisation, trenchless no-dig installations and complete structural renovation, we’ll get it done.

  • Drainage and sewer mapping

    We utilise the latest innovative technology to rapidly deliver detailed, error free real-time mapping of your wastewater asset to drive network rehabilitation and cleaning plans.

  • Drain and pipe repairs

    We offer full length lining and patch repairs of drains. We also deliver trenchless no dig installations of 100 mm diameter to 4000 mm pipe. Whatever your needs, we’ll restore any damaged pipes and sewers with minimal customer disruption, all to WRc Approved standards.

  • Drainage lifecycle plans

    Working to ISO 55000 best practice standards, we provide an agile delivery of your Totex wastewater infrastructure asset management lifecycle. This includes a drainage survey, planned maintenance, and major and minor works programme.