Drainage services to the retail sector

‘Retail’ is a general label that we use for a whole host of different businesses and environments. Loosely, it could be described as any operation that depends on the paying public: hotels, leisure, sports, catering, stores, shops, shopping centres, wholesalers — the list goes on.

Whatever the outlet though, a blocked toilet, smelly sink or damaged drain can be disastrous, and definitely not the way to attract new customers — or keep your old ones. For retailers, a sewerage incident is definitely bad news. You could even be forced to close your doors until the matter is resolved.

So, with profit and reputation at stake, you need someone you can depend on to minimise the risk to your business — someone like UKDN Waterflow (LG).


Simple. We know what we are about. This is a drainage company you can trust to come to your rescue promptly, round the clock, wherever you are; to resolve your sewer or drain problem quickly. And to do it with maximum professionalism and minimum fuss.

Our aim is to keep you smiling, and your tills ringing.

How we do it

We service our retail clients by solving their wastewater emergencies day in, day out, and by carrying out planned maintenance services to avoid problems in the first place. We already do that for companies across the retail spectrum, from supermarkets, shopping centres and national chains to fast food outlets, independent stores and boutiques.

What we do

Using advanced technology we will map and survey your wastewater assets to assess their condition. We may carry out a planned programme of maintenance which involves cleaning and checking all the drains and sewers regularly to keep the system operating to specification — and that includes interceptors, gullies, aco drains and grease traps. Of course we also repair damaged or failing pipes. Routine faults will be fixed immediately, whilst in more complex cases, we restore flow as a priority and carry out the full repair outside trading hours.

Our services for retail clients include:

  • CCTV survey and inspection
  • Sewer and drain unblocking and cleaning
  • Drainage and sewer management and maintenance
  • Renovation and repair of drains and sewers

Examples of our work:

Long term fridge flooding in supermarket

A major blockage threatened to close a supermarket chain’s flagship store in the North West, until UKDN stepped in to deal with flooding. We removed the blockage and remediated an original design flaw overnight so that the store was fully stocked and open for business the next morning.

Inefficient maintenance cycle

A high-end boutique retail business was suffering from an inefficient maintenance cycle and repeat blockages until we took over.

The client said: “The standard of the report and professionalism, UKDN Waterflow showed was like chalk and cheese compared to the companies we tried before. Access for maintenance and downtime from blockages was damaging our reputation with customers, so getting the problem resolved quickly and properly is a great relief.”

Ask us for details

Find out how we could support you, whatever your retail business, by calling 0333 344 2937 or completing the contact form.