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Domestic Drainage Excavation

As part of our drain and pipe repair services at UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd, we offer domestic drain excavations to residential properties around the UK, along with small civils projects for SMEs. Read on to find out what a domestic drain excavation is, when it is needed, and the process we would take to ensure […]

UKDN optimum performance drain grade

Are Your Drains Breaking the Law?

Download the “Are Your Drains Breaking the Law?” whitepaper Did you know that your drainage and sewerage system could be putting you at risk of prosecution, and the environment at risk of pollution? As far as the construction and architecture industries are concerned, everything from the pipework connections to the effectiveness of overall wastewater management […]

Water UK Flushability logo

UKDN welcomes new ‘Fine to Flush’ wet wipe standard

Drainage specialist UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd has welcomed a new national standard for wet wipes designed to be disposed of down toilets. Wipe manufacturers can now feature an official water industry ‘Fine to Flush’ symbol on their packaging if their products pass strict scientific tests. Industry body Water UK has teamed up with water companies […]

9 eco-friendly swaps for your everyday beauty routine

At UKDN, we see first-hand the weird and wonderful items that end up down the toilet. That’s why we’re on a mission to change the UK’s flushing habits and work towards a healthier planet – starting with our drains! Early in the year, we conducted a survey to get to the bottom of what the […]

Rats: Facts vs Fiction

’You are never more than six feet away from a rat’ is a phrase we often hear. After all, there are so many theories about the rats that lurk beneath our cities and, having come across plenty of rodent-infested drains, we thought it was our duty to determine fact from fiction. Let’s start with our […]

root ingress in drainage pipework

Trees and drainage – getting to the root of the issue

The heatwave being experienced across Britain during summer 2018 may lead to an autumn and winter of increased tree root infestation problems in drainage pipes. Prolonged periods of dry weather can cause significant soil cracking and ground movement, which can increase the risk of displacement and cracking drainage pipes. This, in turn, gives tree roots, […]

Jason braves the hottest London Marathon for child cancer charity

Lining supervisor Jason Wade has completed the hottest ever London Marathon in memory of the children of two friends who died from cancer. Jason, who works at the UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd operational centre in Slough, Berkshire, has raised more than £2,300 for the Children With Cancer UK. The charity supported two children – one […]

Sian joins the river clean-up team to battle plastic pollution

  Business Development Manager Sian Jones has joined conservation volunteers to clear plastic pollution from the banks and waters of a river that flows into the Thames. Sian, based at the UKDN Waterflow (LG) offices in Slough, pictured above, worked with more than 50 other volunteers along the Jubilee River which runs through the Berkshire […]

Resident praises “top notch” rail operatives

Track maintenance operatives working for UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd have been praised for the sensitive way they worked with householders while inspecting two culverts on a main railway line. Network Rail commissioned the company, part of Lanes Group plc, to investigate track flooding problems associated with two culverts on the Brighton Main Line at Hassocks, […]

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