Pitch fibre repairs

Pitch fibre repairs


Pitch fibre pipe surveys and repairs

Specialist UKDN Waterflow CCTV surveyors will quickly identify whether or not you have any pitch fibre pipes on your property.

If you do, and they are damaged, it is important to rectify the faults as soon as possible before the problem becomes serious and costly. Our experts can carry out no-dig repairs to get pitch fibre pipes back into working order with minimum disruption.

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What are pitch fibre pipes?

Pitch fibre pipes were popular between the 1950s and 1970s as cheap alternatives to clay. However, they are much more prone to breaking and collapsing. As a result, pitch fibre pipes have now reached the end of their design life, so repair and replacement is necessary.

CCTV surveys and inspections

To check whether you have pitch fibre pipes, we can offer quick and easy CCTV surveys and inspections using advanced camera equipment.

We are able to replace them, or simply use our innovative no-dig techniques to carry out permanent and watertight localised repair of sewers and drains. It’s the equivalent of keyhole surgery, but for drains.

First we clean the drain or sewer to ensure that the damaged area is not hidden by debris or sludge. Then we use CCTV technology to identify the broken section of drain before repairing the damage via pipe relining, where possible.

Cured in place piping (CIPP)

One of the most common kinds of no-dig repairs of pitch fibre pipes is CIPP (cured in place pipe) lining. This entails inserting a pre-shaped tube to cover and replace the damaged area of pipework.

It is most often used when a pitch fibre pipe has partially collapsed or become deformed. To repair the pipe, a special re-rounding tool is fed through the pipe, expanding the deformed parts of the pipe into the correct shape. A CIPP polyester liner is placed in the pipe, then applied to the inside of the old pipe using water or air pressure to push it against the pipe walls, creating a new internal surface.

Patch repairs

When a damaged area is smaller and more localised, a square or circular patch can be placed over the damaged area of pipe. Patch repairs have a projected lifespan of 50 years.

A resin-coated fibre mat patch the size of the area to be repaired is wrapped around an inflatable pipe packer. The packer is fed into the drain with the help of CCTV cameras. Once in place, it is inflated with air pushing the patch out to the pipe wall and holding it in place until the resin has cured and the patch is effectively glued to the pipe wall.

Why UKDN Waterflow (LG)?

We have been dedicated to keeping Britain flowing for years. Our experienced 255-strong team has all the equipment and resources at its disposal to provide long-lasting solutions, whatever your drainage problem.

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