Drainage and sewer mapping

Drainage and sewer mapping

Map of sewers and drains

Drain mapping

At UKDN Waterflow, we use advanced technology for drainage asset mapping and data management. This allows us to provide exact information about the location of sewers and drains, water flow direction, type, measurements and flow rates of a wastewater network.

Drainage asset mapping service

This service has been especially beneficial for our Water and Sewerage Company (WaSC) clients following the Private Sewer and Drain Transfer) in 2011. The companies took responsibility for thousands of additional kilometres of private sewers, without knowing where the assets were or their condition. Compiling the information was essential so that the WaSCs could build the assets into their capital and maintenance strategies for forecasting, but would have taken many months of intense work without our drainage asset mapping and data management service.

Sewer mapping

It is not just WaSCs who may need information about wastewater assets. Drain or sewer asset mapping may be required by organisations looking to undergo ISO environmental audits, for example; sites for development, or during change of ownership.

Whatever the reason, UKDN Waterflow combines innovative technology and software to enhance the capture of broad-spectrum asset data, and improve systems, processes and reporting in real time. The process leads to a better and more complete understanding of your wastewater information network.

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Improving serviceability

Improving the serviceability and performance of a wastewater network in targeted catchments (ie blockage hotspots) has been shown to reduce the frequency of sewer blockages, both internal and external property flooding, sewer collapses and to increase the identification of potential problems or pollution incidents.

How far does it go?

Our teams will identify and capture uncharted ex-section 24 and newly adopted section 105a sewers (and map them) and CCTV sewer survey all manhole-to-manhole sewers in a drainage catchment area or designated site.

Real time data and analysis is available with daily, weekly or other reports, together with a schedule of recommendations for remedial works.

Detailed mapping can be tailored to your individual requirements but may include:

    • Length of CCTV, pre- and post-survey
    • Length of sewer cleaned by diameter and cause i.e. FOG, silts etc.
    • Length of abandonment CCTV and sewer cleaning
    • Waste removal
    • Fast track rehab
    • Length of pipe by service and structural grade
    • Interceptor trap location
    • Manhole surveys

We use advanced Internet and mobile-based sewer and drain asset management systems, combined with established Wincan survey packages.

This allows us to share asset data and work scheduling instantly between project base and CCTV field units, so reducing paper records and administration time. For the client, the turnaround of information from site to project office means even quicker analysis and decision making potential. Historically CCTV survey information has been slow to QA and analyse. Our technology provides information daily, allowing population of a GIS network with the mass of data, which could be studied in a matter of hours.

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