Technical Glossary

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  • 3D Mesh –
    3D Meshes utilise X, Y and Z axes to define shapes with height, width and depth
  • 4 foot –
    The area between the rail tracks
  • 6 foot –
    The area between two sets of tracks


  • CC –
    Crane Controller
  • CESS –
    Area between the side of the track and the track side boundary
  • COSS –
    Controller of Site Safety


  • Drone –
    A flying machine that can be remotely controlled through software-controlled flight plans in their embedded systems, utilising sensors and GPS


  • ES –
    Engineering Supervisor


  • GIS Data –
    GIS is a framework for gathering and managing data in relation to spatial location and layers of information into 3D maps
  • GZAC Planner –
    The planner who books line blockages


  • HV Comp –
    High Voltage Competent Person


  • IWA –
    Individual Working Alone


  • Lift Plan –
    A lift plan must be generated if using any equipment that is being lifted within the NR infrastructure
  • Lookout –
    Lookout (can also perform Site Warden Duties)
  • LXA –
    Level Crossing Attendant


  • MEWP –
    Mobile Elevated Working Platform
  • MOM –
    Mobile Operations Manager – Assess any operational issues on site


  • NOM –
    Nominated Person (involved with anything to do with Overhead Line Works)
  • NR AP –
    Network Rail Asset Protection
  • NR I –
    Network Rail Infrastructure
  • NR SC –
    Network Rail Safety Central


  • OB –
  • OLE –
    Overhead Line Equipment
  • Ortho-Images –
    A uniform-scale image which has been made to feature displacement such as building tilt, caused by terrain relief


  • PC –
    Protection Controller
  • PCL –
    Principal Contractor Licence
  • ­Photogrammetry –
    Is the action of utilising photography in the surveying and mapping of distances between objects
  • PICOP –
    Person in charge of possession
  • Points Clouds –
    Point clouds are used to create 3D models for metrology and quality inspection. Allowing for visualisation of landscapes and terrains
  • POS –
    Plant Operating Scheme
  • PPS –
    Possession Planning System
  • PTS –
    Personal Track Safety
    A Personal Track Safety person who is also accredited to execute rope access works
  • PWay –
    Permanent Way


  • RA –
    Risk Assessment
  • RAM –
    Route Asset Manager
  • RGS –
    Railway Group Standards
  • RISQS –
    The accrediting body appointed by Network Rail to ensure that is has a system in place to manage the compliance that surrounds a supply chain
  • RRAP –
    Rail Road Access Control
  • RPAS –
    Remotely Piloted Aerial System – An unmanned aircraft which is piloted from a remote pilot station, excluding model aircraft and toy aircraft
  • RRV OTP Op –
    Road Rail Vehicle on Track Plant Operator


  • S&C –
    Switch and Crossings
  • SAC –
    Site Access Control
  • Sentinel –
    The online system used by all Link Up accredited contractors for the management of sponsorship and PTS compliance
  • SSOW Planner –
    A qualified planner that generates a safe system of work with a rail focus, rather than general health and safety
  • SUA –
    Small Unmanned Aircraft – A SUA is defined as ‘any unmanned aircraft, other than a kite or balloon, with a mass of less than 20kg’ (, 2019)
  • SW –
    Site Warden


  • Task Brief –
    A safety briefing document that must be used at the beginning of any railway shift
  • TL –
    Tandem Lift
  • TOC –
    Train Operating Company


  • UAV/UAS –
    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle/Unmanned Aerial System – An unmanned aerial vehicle is an aircraft without the need of a human pilot
  • UB –
  • UTX –
    Under track crossing


  • WPP –
    Works Package Plan