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soakaway illustration

What is a Soakaway?

A soakaway is a hole dug into the ground that is filled with coarse stone and rubble or plastic crates. It allows water to filter through it, and literally soak into the ground (away). Soakaways are used to manage surface water at its source, and serve as an alternative option to draining off surface water […]


What is a P Trap Gully?

A gully trap is a device that connects a drain pipe to an underground drainage system, allowing water to enter the system while preventing any smells and gases from foul drains escaping into the air.  In fact, its name describes its purpose. A gully is a drainage system designed to control surface water, usually rain, […]

lead pipes

Lead Water Pipes

The use of lead water pipes was banned in the 1970s because of health risks, however properties built before then may still contain lead pipework. Lead pipework can be traced all the way back to the Roman era; with the chemical symbol for lead (Pb) inspired by the Latin word plumbum; from which plumber derives. […]

Rail Drainage Services from UKDN Waterflow

At UKDN Waterflow, we consider ourselves true experts in rail water management and providing railway drainage solutions. We continuously source and trial the latest technologies to ensure we deliver the highest class of services whilst reducing downtime and disruption for rail transport users. We offer a range of services within the rail sector, such as: […]

UV robot in pipe

What is Pipe Relining and How Does it Work?

What is pipe relining? Pipe relining is a method that is used to repair a damaged or a partially collapsed drain or sewer pipe without the need of actually replacing the pipe. It is considered that CIPP trenchless-technology minimises any disruption to the area as there is no need to excavate the area that surrounds […]

Row of terrace houses

Who is Responsible for a Blocked Drain – Tenant or Landlord?

If you’re renting a property, it is important to understand who is responsible for looking after and maintaining each aspect of the property to avoid any unexpected bills or charges. Drainage can often be an overlooked, yet costly aspect of a property, especially when issues are left unaddressed. Therefore it’s a good idea to brush […]

Gloved hands cleaning a steel sink

Drain Misconnections and How They Affect the Planet

Aside from breaking the law, drain misconnections can have serious environmental implications by posing a threat to rivers, wildlife and our oceans. If you own any type of property, it’s your responsibility to be aware of the risks faulty drainage and misconnections can have on the environment and address them to minimise the impact. What […]

Building Extension - work in progress

Building Regulations for Drains and Sewers

Join UKDN Waterflow (LG) as we explore the regulations and laws surrounding drainage and also go through our optimum performance code. The code gives builders, engineers, and homeowners the resources to judge a drainage system and identify whether a drain may be breaking the law or in need of repair. Drain Law and Regulations Regulations […]

House for sale sign

Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

When buying a new house it’s important to ensure no nasty surprises arise – especially after the purchase has been finalised. If problems with a property’s drainage system are left unaddressed or unidentified, it can present a number of costly short and long term consequences. Join the UKDN team as we explain what a home […]

Drains blocked with wet wipes

Drain Maintenance FAQs

Join the UKDN Waterflow (LG) team as we answer some of the most common drain related questions asked every single month on Google.   Q: What does a smelly drain mean?  A: Items that are disposed of down the drain such as food, hair and other substances can get clogged. Bacteria grow on these substances, […]

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