Culvert surveys

Culvert surveys


Culvert surveys and repairs

UKDN Waterflow (LG) is a specialist in culvert surveys and repair.

If you are responsible for the maintenance of culverts, we have the skills and equipment to help you keep them in the best possible condition and reduce the risk of flooding, decay, sinkholes and subsidence.

With UKDN Waterflow, ageing, poorly maintained culverts need no longer be a source of worry. To get in touch call 0344 257 3858 or fill in the contact form at the side of the page and we will call you back.

Types of survey

We can provide an in-depth report into the state of your culverts and identify the cause of any problems, like frequent flooding. And we have a full range of methods and technology to help us reach the trickiest and most inaccessible parts of a culvert.

Our CCTV surveys will provide an detailed view of the culvert, including its composition, size, condition and flow direction. Our technology will also log incoming drains and provide a topical assessment of each manhole.

We may also employ additional technology such as pole cams, or carry out man-entry walk-throughs or float-through surveys from a boat.

Health and safety

Whilst man-entry surveys may be a cause of concern for clients, we produce very specific risk assessment management systems for such inspections. The health and safety of our employees is our biggest priority so rest assured that all relevant staff hold confined space training and continue to develop their skills in a variety of environments.

Culvert repairs

If an inspection shows any damage, we are happy to carry out remedial works if required. Whatever the size and complexity of the culvert, our specialist team will provide longstanding solutions, using a range of repair options.

Why UKDN Waterflow (LG)?

With 255 directly employed staff in depots across the UK and cutting edge and innovative technology, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, the highest standards of safety and real dedication to protecting the environment.

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