Principal Contractors

UKDN Waterflow is a specialist drainage company with extensive skills in the water and wastewater arena. With our wealth of experience, expert knowledge and ability to deliver – it’s no wonder that we are the water and wastewater infrastructure company of choice by many principal contractors.

We have been working alongside joint ventures, principal contractors and consultants for decades. And our most successful arrangement of this nature to date is the SDAC contract for Thames Water working with Optimise.

Optimise are the joint venture between J Murphy and Sons, Barhale Construction, Clancy Docwra Ltd and MWH, who are delivering the five year AMP5 contract for Thames Water.

Integrated Supply Chain

In this principal contractor relationship we created an integrated supply chain with Flowline and Xylem to facilitate the delivery of Thames Waters required outcomes. All the benefits of collaborative working were achieved in terms of outcomes over a 14 month contract period for Thames Water – reduced cost per m, improved customer outcomes (repeat blockage reduction and flooding other case reduction), increased asset knowledge, fast tracked asset information creation.

The volume of resource required demanded a wider supply chain; however the objectives could not be achieved with a traditional supply chain approach. Consequently as we went out to the market we stressed that the status quo would not be tolerated, and partners would be chosen based on their approach to collaboration and willingness to commit to work with us to deliver the project outcomes. In return training in the use of new systems and protocols was universally delivered, and over the duration of the contract, work volumes were varied between partners to reflect performance and support their wider business objectives where appropriate.

Benefits and risks

The financial benefits, but also the risks, that are written into the contract underwrite this. In this case the incentive for performance was volume of work and continuity, with poor performance objectively identified by project wide KPIs and applied to all delivery teams irrespective of their parent organisation. Social aspects such as community engagement and customer satisfaction were included in the KPI suite as well as tradition time, cost and quality KPIs.

This contract and approach was commercially beneficial for all parties with reduced outturn costs and improved customer outcomes for Thames Water, and an unprecedented level of work continuity and the associated operating efficiencies achieved by the partner companies.

We are now the UK’s largest and most trusted infrastructure and drainage contractor with both the resources and expertise to help you – no matter what you do, or what you need done, we can help you achieve it.