Civil engineering works

Civil engineering works

Man in sewer on wire

Civil engineering resources

Professional civil engineering resources are required for a variety of projects — not just those involving drainage. And here at UKDN Waterflow (LG), we offer a complete service.

From excavation for walkways and fencing installations to extensive schemes for structural renovation, tunnelling, enabling works, structural and architectural steelwork, embankment cutting or stabilisation, we do it all. And more.

Find out about our civil engineering capability on 0333 344 2937 or use the contact form on this page, and we will call you back.

Professional packages

Simple or complex, big or small, we have the expertise and capacity to deliver your project. With a long history of executing multi-asset works packages to rail and other industries, we understand exactly how to fulfil a mobilisation and roll-out programme, allocating resources and complying with your specifications, regulatory conditions and legislative frameworks.

Quality work, on budget

We deliver high quality service, and pride ourselves on adding value to the package whilst ensuring cost efficiencies throughout the works.

Using effective project systems, we monitor works activities so that costs and resource targets are achieved without compromising quality.

Innovative solutions

As a leading UK contractor for trenchless repair of pipes, we have pioneered new techniques, allowing us to deliver solutions when others have failed.

We are proud that we develop working partnerships which offer continuous improvement in cost-sensitive, regulated environments. We go out of our way to meet the changing needs of clients, implementing business service and change models that mould around your requirements.

Whatever the project, rely on UKDN Waterflow to deliver innovative solutions and in-contract efficiencies, with minimal business disruption.

Experienced teams

Experienced managers drive our works programmes, resourcing, and the lifecycle tasks of each project. They anticipate risk and assess the permutations of alternative courses of action.

For you, that means comprehensive management, with multi-tiered reporting and dashboards, and the reassurance that everything will be delivered on time and on budget.

Need more information?

To find out more about our working partnerships and civil engineering, call us on 0333 344 2937, or complete our online contact form.