A splash of water


Today, UKDN Waterflow (LG) is part of the Lanes Group of companies.

In 2015, Lanes acquired the business and certain assets of UKDN Waterflow Limited and UKDN Waterflow Technical Services Limited, both of which were in administration.

With Lanes already the largest independent UK wastewater specialist, we continued to operate UKDN Waterflow under our own brand and in our own client sectors.

The coming together of these two operations benefited both businesses, adding clean water services and some niche markets to Lanes’ portfolio, whilst giving us a solid infrastructure, management and sophisticated IT framework on which to rebuild the business.

2011: UKDN and Waterflow merge

UKDN Waterflow was created by a merger between The UK Drainage Network and Waterflow Holdings in 2011, and the subsequent acquisition of Drain Control.

Each company had already established industry credentials:

Since 1965, Waterflow Holdings had specialised in CCTV inspection, maintenance, renovation and repair of drains and sewers, for safety- and time-critical environments such as civil engineering, construction and under-track drainage on the rail network. Waterflow also offered expertise in large bore solutions, including no-dig UV lining to rail and water clients.

The UK Drainage Network Limited was formed in 2003 by four independent contractors, who saw an opportunity to pool expertise and resources. The network was able to delivery a premium product to the UK Insurance Industry for drainage-related claims and subsidence investigations, leading the market with its innovative approach and WRc-approved, Industry Best Practice service delivery.

Drain Control had a solid drainage, plumbing and gas installation business for retail, commercial and facilities management companies in the South East.

An industry voice

UKDN Waterflow co-wrote the Drain Repair book (now in its third edition), setting the standard for the insurance industry and was the only company to receive WRc-accreditation for compliance.

We were known also for a wide variety of innovative no-dig solutions, including UV, hot cure and ambient cure techniques, whilst demand for our inspection, maintenance, renovation and repair services in the water sector increased after the Private Sewer Transfer in October 2011.

Under Lanes

UKDN Waterflow (LG) now boasts a 255-strong team working across a nationwide network of bases, providing customers with a full range of drainage services and technical expertise as well as flexible resourcing to respond quickly, whatever your need.