Rail Drainage Services from UKDN Waterflow

At UKDN Waterflow, we consider ourselves true experts in rail water management and providing railway drainage solutions. We continuously source and trial the latest technologies to ensure we deliver the highest class of services whilst reducing downtime and disruption for rail transport users. We offer a range of services within the rail sector, such as:

CCTV survey & inspection for rail

CCTV technology is the easiest and safest way to examine drains, sewers and pipelines in detail.  Our core CCTV survey works revolve around track drainage usually 225 mm, UTXs, culverts and catchpits.

Unblocking and cleaning

When undertaking CCTV drainage works, we are able to identify the main source of obstructions, which are usually blocked outfalls and catch pits. Drain blockages within the rail sector are usually caused by silt, debris, roots and track ballast.  Once the issue has been identified, our qualified team are able to remove the blockage and restore the function of the pipe.

On track/off track management and maintenance

We undertake drainage maintenance on both off track and on track assets. Off-track assets include ditches and culverts, whereas on track drainage is managed under possession works due to the isolations required and the necessary kit on track.

CIPP Renovation and repair of drains and sewers, including culvert lining

We use a range of solutions to renovate and repair rail drains, sewers and culverts, including UV lining works, track drainage installations and renewals, UTX installation and repairs, culvert remedial works and wet bed remediation.

Our culvert lining options for the rail sector include UV lining, GRP (glass reinforced plastic) and CiPP (cured-in-place pipe)

UV lining repairs involves inserting a Glass Reinforced Polyester liner which is impregnated with a special resin into the sewer or drains. As the liner is inserted into the pipe and pulled into place, it is then inflated with air. A UV Light Train with built-in CCTV is pulled through to check the positioning and identify any obstructions. The UV lights are then ignited, causing the resin to cure and effectively creating a new pipe within the pipe and restoring the integrity of the drain or sewer with little disruption.

Minor civil engineering work

Our minor civil works include the design, installation or renovation of earthwork schemes, cascades, retaining wall systems, headwall remedial/installations and concrete canvas or smart ditch systems.

Major civil work

As part of our major civils works, we offer track drainage installation, track drainage renewal and UTX installation works.

Drainage asset mapping and data management

Our drainage and data management services usually consist of catchpit location and mapping works, topographical & 3d modelling.

Non-drainage infrastructure work

Our non-drainage infrastructure works include HV assessments, Design and assurance (including preparation of Form 1-3 etc), UAVs, Ecology Survey, Soil and Water analysis, devegatation and temporary works (such as access stairs and trench boxes).

Steel and concrete work

Our concrete work services currently consist of concrete headwall repairs.

Stabilisation of earthworks and embankment

This includes scour protection, embankment stabilisation, cascades, retaining walls, smart ditch and concrete canvas.

Our range of rail drainage services is designed so that we can help you with all aspects of drainage and infrastructure within the rail sector. Visit our rail services and qualifications page for more information.