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UKDN Waterflow

Don’t create a Fatberg this Christmas

If you’re worrying about what to do with the turkey scraps after Christmas, think again – it could be the least of your worries. It’s estimated that Britons will pour 15 million cups of roast turkey fat down the kitchen sink on Christmas Day alone, which will transform into a hard soapy material that will […]

Greg Beech

Private Sewer Transfer – One Year on

It has been a year since the Private Sewer Transfer (PST) – arguably the biggest change to the drainage network since privatisation 23 years ago – took place. Greg Beech looks at the impact it has had for water companies and consumers and what remains to be achieved. The article appears in an edited format […]

UKDN Waterflow

Flooding – how well protected are we?

Large parts of the UK have once again been hit by widespread flooding, and our hearts go out to all of those affected. The scale of these floods, the relatively short period since the most recent severe flooding event in 2007 and the expectation of increasingly regular bouts of bad weather have once again prompted […]

Fulham Kings Road emergency sewer repair

Routine CCTV Survey uncovers need for major Fulham Reinforcement works

UKDN Waterflow has completed an emergency project to reinforce 70 metres of Victorian brick-built sewer running just one metre from live railway lines, following an eagle eyed spot by their CCTV survey crew while completing a routine survey. The emergency response saw a team of 70 UKDN Waterflow professionals use cutting-edge technology to reinforce the […]

Fiat 500 (900 kg) v Mercedes Actros 3241K 8×4 Huwer Jet/Vac combination Truck (32,000 kg)

UKDN Waterflow thinks big by going small

Firms environmental consideration moves to next level with introduction of Fiat 500 UKDN Waterflow, Britain’s largest independent specialist drainage contract, has just taken delivery of an environmentally friendly Fiat 500 for use on projects in and around the congestion zone area in London.

UKDN Waterflow

UKDN Waterflow completes £1million investment programme

UKDN Waterflow, one of the UK’s largest independent drainage repair companies, has completed a £1 million investment to roll-out new operational technology to support its on-going expansion . The new systems will allow the West-Midlands headquartered business to extend its reach, the speed of its customer service and deliver additional efficiency savings.  The roll-out is the […]

UKDN Waterflow

Drainage – Prevention is better than cure

Excellent standards of cleanliness are more important for healthcare facilities than in virtually every other type of building and well-managed drainage plays a crucial part in this. Nick Reilly of UKDN Waterflow Technical Services discussed best practice for estates managers in the Health Estates journal, October 2012

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