Homebuyer’s Drain Survey

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When buying a new house it’s important to ensure no nasty surprises arise – especially after the purchase has been finalised.

If problems with a property’s drainage system are left unaddressed or unidentified, it can present a number of costly short and long term consequences.

Join the UKDN team as we explain what a home buyer’s drain survey is, why they’re important when purchasing a property and how you can book one today.

What is a home buyer’s drain survey?

A home buyer’s drain survey, also known as a pre-purchase drain survey or inspection, is a CCTV survey of the property’s drainage system which aims to identify any issues or damage to the pipework.

A small robotic camera is placed in the property’s sewer and operated by a qualified engineer to determine the state of the drainage including:

  • Fractured, cracked, leaky or defective pipework,
  • Blockages and backed-up sewage,
  • Tree root ingress
  • Collapses in the underground pipe network.

A CCTV survey can also identify any areas where vermin such as rats and mice are able to enter the property’s pipework and potentially cause damage.

Once the CCTV survey has been completed, you will receive a comprehensive report which grades and highlights the drain condition, invert levels, flow directions and connections. We will also provide you with repair recommendations and the itemised costs of any works that may be necessary to get your prospective property’s drains fully working.

Should I get a home buyer’s drain survey?

Most mortgage providers will require a property valuation to determine whether the property is safe to lend on and up to what amount. Home buyers are also recommended to get an independent survey done to ensure the property is structurally sound, and to highlight any areas of the home that may need maintenance or immediate work done.

However, during this process, the property’s drainage system is often overlooked as the surveyor may not have the experience or equipment needed to provide an accurate assessment. An inefficient, damaged or even illegal drainage system can be costly to repair, so it’s recommended to get this checked before completion.

How can I book a home buyer’s drain survey with UKDN?

Here are UKDN Waterflow, we use state of the art cameras and software technology to accurately assess a drainage and sewerage system, whether that be in a residential, commercial or industrial property. All our CCTV surveyors are experienced and qualified to Water Industry standards in order to provide a service that is reliable and consistent.

You can book or enquire about a home buyer’s drain survey by filling in the contact form on the right hand side, with details of your query, then a member of our team will call you back.

You can also get in touch by phone on 0333 344 2937 if you’d like more information about our home buyer’s CCTV drainage survey and how it can be organised with you and the homeowner.