UKDN Waterflow’s new data centre helps protect business continuity

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UKDN Waterflow has successfully moved all its IT systems to a new state-of-the-art facility in Portsmouth — a building that enables data to managed far more securely and efficiently.

Previously, UKDN Waterflow’s old data centre was housed in-house, and reliant on a network of connectivity that provided a potential risk to business continuity.

At about 58,000 square feet, the new data centre is about 2900 times the size of the old facility, which is equivalent to over one and a half football pitches or 20 tennis courts.

The facility has a state-of-the-art system, which includes upgraded hardware and an uninterruptible power system that provides protection from outages. The new servers don’t rely on solely on the local power grid, but have diesel powered generators to ensure our dedicated servers remain online.

As for data protection, our server room is locked and guarded. Access to the data requires a military-grade pass card, finger print and retina scan to provide further security.

Martin Hutton, Service and Infrastructure Manager says, “The server relocation project was the final step in upgrading the UKDN Waterflow IT infrastructure, which is critical to the functionality of the business.

The upgraded hardware and increased capacity provides the business with resilience and scope for future growth. We are no longer reliant on any of our sites for connectivity and therefore our data centre gives us more location independence.

The migration is a positive step forward for our clients. With a big upgrade made to security and back-up power supply, customer’s data will be fully protected, our services will be less prone to any outages, and the robustness of our business continuity plans has greatly increased.”