UKDN Waterflow sets the standard for success with Altius accreditation

UKDN Waterflow

UKDN Waterflow has proved its excellence in business performance after passing a rigorous independent assessment and accreditation process.

The company can now forge links with blue chip businesses like Selfridges, Morrison’s Airbus, SGP Property and Facilities Management, General Healthcare Group, Punch Taverns, Arcadia Group, Wolseley and Superdrug, after qualifying as an Altius Assured Vendor.

Gary Plant, Managing Director of award winning Altius Vendor Assessment (, said: “UKDN Waterflow has demonstrated to our expert assessors that it’s a top supplier. This provides complete assurance that it has all the necessary health and safety systems, insurance coverage, and other requirements in place to be a competent supplier to large corporate customers. We are delighted to welcome the team as one of our assured contractors.”

Gary Webb from UKDN Waterflow said: “Achieving this recognised standard shows that UKDN Waterflow has a high level of competency. The corporate businesses who are partnered with Altius can have confidence in our abilities and be certain that partnering with us as a quality supplier will protect and reinforce their reputation.

Altius Vendor Assessment helps companies to assess, improve, monitor and assure their supply base – to reduce their risk and liability and increase performance. The robust online supplier accreditation and management system, which is free to clients and main contractors, takes a thorough evidence-based approach to checking the competences and financial health of suppliers.