UKDN Waterflow extends environmental commitment with Electric vehicle testing

UKDN Waterflow

UKDN Waterflow, the total drainage solutions provider, has extended its environmental commitment by trialling electric vehicles within its fleet.

The company, which is one of the leading innovators in the Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) trenchless technology arena, continues to seek ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

Currently UV lining of sewer and wastewater pipes is one of UKDN Waterflow’s key operations, with the company reinforcing and repairing existing pipes rather than digging up, replacing and reinstating. In this respect UKDN Waterflow can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 90%.

In this new move the group have been trialling Renault’s Twizy and Renault Fluence vehicles. These vehicles are 100% totally electric, and have a range of about 115 miles, so are ideal in city centre operations.

Are friends electric - UKDN Waterflow are

The great thing about these next generation cars is the simplicity if charging either at one of the company’s 19 regional bases, or at designated public points. The car uses a standard plug attached to a lead that pulls from a simple access point on the vehicle

John Garlick, UKDN Waterflow’s National Fleet Manager commented: “We’re committed to reducing our fleet’s environmental impact and this is another step in that direction. The vehicles have been a great success in testing. It’s a little unnerving when you first use them – they’re incredibly quiet – but everyone has been very positive. “

UKDN published its ‘Towards Corporate Social Responsibility’ document earlier in 2013, and as part of its commitment to the environment all new UKDN Waterflow vehicles are either Euro 5 or Euro 6 compliant, with all new car emissions coming in under 130g CO2.