Thames Water SDAC work rewarded

UKDN Waterflow

UKDN Waterflows’s Infrastructure Solutions Managing Director Nick Reilly and James Eldred, Sewer Drainage Area Catchment (SDAC) Project Manager recently attended a supply chain conference hosted by Thames Water’s joint venture contractor Optimise.


SDACAt the event a presentation regarding the asset mapping and management work in East London and rehabilitation work was followed by the presentation of a Supply Chain Performance award.


The SDAC project in East London has seen over 700,000 metres of known and unknown Thames Water pipes, including pipes within 52,332 properties, surveyed across eight London Boroughs.


UKDN Waterflow has, within the SDAC project, demonstrated that with the use of new technology and software the efficiency of large scale CCTV survey projects can be vastly improved, gathering and quickly analysing huge amounts of waste water network information that previously would have required a large number of skilled people and many months of work.


We’ve already recorded information such as the amount of interceptor traps, network pipe score data and debris build-ups in the network that affect large areas of the network. It’s an exciting project that sets the new standard for drainage asset management in the industry.


Importantly, as Water and Sewerage comapnies are now talking about Totex rather than Opex and Capex, this important project sets the benchmark for improving customer outcomes.


Nick Reilly, commented “We can now provide agile delivery of WaSC’s Totex wastewater infrastructure asset management lifecycle, with survey, planned maintenance and major and minor works programmes.


We’ll use our experience and expertise, project and programme management capability, and delivery resources to achieve the desired target improvement in customer outcomes.”

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