Technical Services receives WRc accreditation until 2018

UKDN Waterflow

UKDN Waterflow’s Technical Services team have received a further five year approval from the Water Research Centre for UV Lining, with first accreditation of the iMPREG UV Cure Manhole to Manhole Lining System.

The re-approval followed an audit  and assessment against the WRc standards applied under their Approved Lining Systems under reference PT/ 307/0910. UKDN Waterflow has installer approval (PT 336/0313) for the design, handling and storage, and installation of IMPREG Liner in accordance with IMPREG instructions. The audit was undertaken to the requirements of the WRc assessment schedule PT/336/0313 (see our latest UKSTT accreditation award). 

The iMPREG Liner lining system comprises a glass fibre reinforced sleeve which is saturated with a UV-cure unsaturated polyester resin. The liner is available in nominal diameters between 150mm and 1200mm end egg shaped between 250x375mm to 950x 1425mm.

UV Liners provide a superb alternative to traditional methods and are very environmentally friendly. UKDN Waterflow often work within tight site footprints (often working through existing standard manhole covers) where dig out and reinstatement would be very disruptive both financially and to stakeholders above ground. UV Lining can be used to rehabilitate sanitary sewers and storm drains  for water and process effluents.

U V lining is a Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) solution. With cured-in-pipe solutions the host pipe is isolated and prepared for the UV lining, which is pulled through and then inflated via existing access points. Curing occurs as a UV light-train travels down the liner at a speed dependent upon the diameter and wall thickness of the lining sleeve, UV intensity and distance between the lining and UV lamps.

Grouting and reinstatement of lateral connections complete a lining project.