Minimising disruption for Symphony Housing


Following a report from an independent drainage contractor, we were called in to validate the works required at one of Symphony Housing’s developments in Salford. Upon closer inspection, the team found that the problems were unfortunately more widespread than first reported, with all three blocks of flats suffering from major drainage issues, including damage due to root penetration, fractured pipes, open joints, concrete in the pipe and a slumped section of drainage.

UKDN Waterflow worked closely with our client, to find the right solution for the job, as all of the works had to be completed with residents in mind. Most contractors would have recommended to excavate internally and replace the pipe work.  This would have meant moving residents out and in some cases, replacing bathroom suites.  All this would have increased overall costs and would have resulted in frustration for the residents.

As UKDN Waterflow has some of the most advanced re-ling machinery and skills in the country, we chose to use robotic cutting and lining methods to repair the drainage problems, minimising disruption to residents and providing a much less expensive solution overall.

For more information about UKDN Waterflow’s lining solutions, visit our lining pages.