Every Little Helps……Bexleyheath crew go the extra mile for supermarket

UKDN Daf vacuum tanker

When a major supermarket contacted UKDN Waterflow during the recent stormy weather our team at Bexleyheath pulled out all the stops in a race against time to prevent the site from being overwhelmed by flood water.

The Bexleyheath team were initially called and dispatched one of our new jetvac tankers into the area to pump and clean out all loading bay drains and all the car park area, as the supermarket was already experiencing trouble with a local river bursting its banks.

However, it was clear that the situation was getting critical and our engineers, with help from the superstore manager and the on site FM provider, pulled out all the stops.

With all hands on deck the team sand bagged the store in preparation for another potentially more damaging flood – the entire area was overflowing with water from the nearby river that threatened to press into the inside of the superstore

With the slogan ‘Every Little Helps’ very much in their minds our crew went the extra mile to ensure the superstore remained waterless.

Editors note:

UKDN Waterflow has a wide range of tankers, recyclers and Jet Vac units in its UK wide fleet, able to respond 24/7 to drainage and wastewater issues