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UKDN Waterflow

Eamonn Maloney – Head of Rail

“This rapid action catch pit cleaning programme has proved to be very successful. It has greatly reduced track flood risks, and has been completed at much lower unit cost than if the work had been completed over a longer time period. It has also provided us with a proven methodology for tackling drainage related flood risks along other sections of work. “

Eamonn Maloney, Head of Rail ,
UKDN Waterflow

Network Rail

“On behalf of Network Rail I would like to thank UKDN Waterflow and all of those involved in the vegetation and drainage works at Blatchbridge Jn which is part of my DAMP2 project, from various site visits and the photographs supplied earlier this afternoon I have to say im impressed, good quality materials, good scope, good workmanship, good team = Good Job. Thank you for restoring a fully functioning track drainage system which has eradicated many years of neglect, mystery and track quality issues related to the drainage in the Blatchbridge Jnarea. Keep it up!”

Mark Howells, Senior Drainage Engineer,
UKDN Waterflow

Gone over and above

Marc Minikin & UKDN Waterflow TS team

“So far this financial year we have had several service affecting issues problems that would have been far worse had Marc not gone over and above to pull resources out of the bag with next to no notice. Thanks should also extended to Waterflow and the direct labour providers who have pulled together a rag tag bunch ready to work together when we have asked for help.”

Hector Kidds, Senior Asset Engineer,