We set high standards – and Bill approves of them


We set high standards – and Bill approves of them

When Bill and Irene Clark’s toilet did not flush properly Bill, being a bit of a handyman, guessed there could be a blockage in the waste pipe.

His call to Direct Line Insurance led to UKDN Waterflow (LG) responding to the problem, and the couple thought immediately that they were in safe hands.

Bill said: “From the person in the call centre to the people who came out to do the job, everyone was very friendly and professional. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

That comes from a qualified toolmaking engineer who finished his career as a national sales manager, with a reputation among friends for setting high standards.

Bill, aged 78, said: “I know a lot of handy people who help us, and they always joke about how I watch them to make sure they do a good job. Then again, it’s my property, so I want it done right!

“I did go and see how the UKDN Waterflow (LG) lads were getting on, and they said they were pleased I was taking an interest. They always kept us informed, and showed us the pictures of the blockage that confirmed the problem.”

The drain at their semi-detached home, in East Kilbride, in Glasgow, had become cracked and filled with roots.

The Clarks were pleased that the drainage team partially cleared the blockage using drain rods and water jetting so they could continue to use the toilet, while a plan was put in place to fix the problem permanently.

Less than a week later, at a pre-arranged time and date, the damaged drain was excavated and a brand new section of pipe was installed.

Bill said: “The work team were always bang on time, they were very respectful, and worked hard all day. Then they left everything nice and tidy when they finished.”

From a stickler for quality like Bill, that is high praise indeed.