Persistence pays off in case of mystery water leak

The way two UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd clean water engineers “stuck at it” to get to the bottom of a water leak really impressed Ray and Jo Stanton.

The couple, who live in Poole, Dorset, became concerned when they spotted water flowing down the drive at their semi-detached home.

There was one big problem – there was no sign of where the water was coming from.

Ray, a retired IT technician, said: “The water was just emerging in the drive. It was clearly clean water, but where it was coming from was a mystery.

The Stantons called their insurance company, and an emergency clean water repair team from UKDN Waterflow (LG) was assigned to investigate.

Ray said: “They arrived promptly, and were very professional and polite from the start. They dug some exploratory holes to try to trace the source of the water.

“But it was hard to pinpoint. So, they had to leave and come back the following day.”

Further tests pointed away from the Stanton’s home to their next-door neighbour, who agreed that another exploratory hole could be dug.

That revealed water was coming out from under the render just below the ground floor level of their property.

Now it was the neighbour’s turn to call their insurance company, which requested its own repair team to attended, while the UKDN Waterflow (LG) engineers made good the exploratory excavations.

“The UKDN Waterflow (LG) team could have left at that point,” said Ray. “What we appreciated was that they stayed with us to brief the repair people appointed by my neighbour’s insurance company.

“That helped make sure the problem was dealt with as quickly and as efficiently as possible. They stuck at it, even though it wasn’t their problem, which was impressive.”

It turned out that the neighbour’s water pipe had split at a joint, just where it entered their property, allowing a small jet of water to leak out, causing the mystery stream down the Stantons’ drive.

Ray said: “The service that UKDN Waterflow (LG) gave us was reassuring. They clearly knew what they were doing, and they were also nice people. That helped a lot.”