Drain Maintenance: getting to the root of the issue

root ingress in drainage pipework

Trees are a much-loved part of the British landscape. Success in creating a sustainable and pleasant environment is often measured by how many trees have been preserved or planted.

Yet trees are also regularly blamed for causing damage to the built environment, including buildings, walls, and underground drainage pipes. In some parts of the UK, such as Sheffield, in South Yorkshire, trees are at the centre of major public disputes.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the impact trees on built structures and underground pipes. That is why UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd has prepared a White Paper: Trees – Getting To The Root Of The Issue.

It details research that shows how trees interact with drainage systems and gives advice on what property owners and managers can do about the issue.

The White Paper also explores future trends in managing trees close to drains and sewers, an issue with greater significance given the increased volatility of our weather systems – risking more droughts and floods – due to climate change.

root ingress in drainage pipework

root ingress inside a cracked drainage pipe.

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