Chief Executive’s Statement Regarding Fly Tipping

We are sorry to learn of the fly tipping incident and thank you for bringing this to our attention. We would like to assure you that we are a responsible company with ISO14001 accredited waste management procedures and we take any non-conformity to these procedures very seriously.

Our management team has been able to promptly investigate the incident and found that one of our approved sub-contractors was using a UKDN Waterflow vehicle on a day they were not contracted to work for our business. We have been able to identify the two individuals working for our sub-contractor responsible for the incident and they have both been suspended from our contract pending disciplinary action from their employer.

Whilst this waste is not from a UKDN Waterflow contract, we have instructed our sub-contractor to clear the waste and provide us with written evidence the waste has been disposed of legally.

We are currently writing to all our sub-contractors to inform them of this unacceptable breach and to remind them of their responsibility to our environment.


Nick Harris, Chief Executive Officer