CCTV survey team unearth something strange below a London School playground

Camera in pipe

The use of CCTV survey equipment is particularly useful in building where there is a high footfall, such as schools, colleges and universities. Lots of students and teachers constantly using toilets and sinks, and canteen staff cooking lots of lunchtime delights.

UKDN Waterflow’s CCTV teams, investigate sewers on behalf of many London schools and an were asked to survey the drainage pipes around a school that had been subject to flooding in the playground area. The work was carried out discreetly after school closure, to ensure no disruption to the academic day.

The CCTV drainage survey teams investigations revealed a football, firmly stuck in a pipe, looking like it had been volleyed with great force from the foot of a potential footballing legend. Untreated the unusual things that can be found blocking sewer pipes throughout the country can cause much disruption to educational life. The last thing an estates manager, bursar or Headteacher needs during school term time is inconvenience for staff and students.

Drainage survey - school
The football was located in a 100mm / 4” Surface Water Vitrified Clay Pipe in a School Playground area using a Pearpoint push rod camera with 118 Flexiprobe Coiler.

UKDN Waterflow’s state of the art CCTV survey equipment is used around the country to locate and deal with such blockages. Operating colour CCTV systems that can work in pipe diameters from just 75mm up to major sewers 2000 mm in diameter specialist teams also have explosion proof cameras for special environments, pan and tilt cameras for exacting surveys and satellite camera systems that can survey a main sewer and send a satellite camera 30m up a lateral connection. The significant size of the UKDN Waterflow fleet of CCTV survey units makes us one of the largest providers of this service in the UK.

Blockages of this nature can cause major headaches for campus buildings and can be cleared by UKDN Waterflow using high pressure water jetting. Where the blockages are more difficult mechanical boring, root and concrete cutting devices are used. If the blockages are the result of a failure of the pipe itself UKDN Waterflow can carry out any necessary pipe rehabilitation, often using no-dig solutions to minimise disruption.