Always on time and always helpful


Always on time and always helpful

Punctuality is important to Alan Sanderson, which is why he was pleased to see that was one of the things he could depend on with UKDN Waterflow (LG).

He and his wife, Sheila, selected us to fix a burst pipe under their home in Chester-le-Street, County Durham.

Our water supply engineer Carl Whitworth was given the job of carrying out the repair.

Mr Sanderson said: “Carl was very good. He was always on time, and nothing was too much trouble. I was confident from the start that he would do a good job.”

Alan and Sheila Sanderson had realised there was something wrong when they heard a loud hissing noise coming from under their living room floor.

Investigations that followed established that their water supply pipe had burst and water was escaping underneath their house.

After consulting their insurers, the couple selected UKDN Waterflow (LG) to carry out the repair, working alongside a local builder.

Once a temporary water supply was established, a trench had to be dug through the house from the front door into the kitchen.

Carl found that the copper pipe had been punctured. He replaced it with a more durable plastic pipe laid in a specially-created sleeve, which was less likely to be damaged in the future.

Mr Sanderson said: “We were very pleased with how the repair was handled. The UKDN Waterflow (LG) call centre was very good, and explained clearly what was going to happen.

“Then Carl worked hand-in-hand with our builder and got on which the job of getting our water back on very efficiently. We couldn’t have asked for more.”