Gareth Jones Mitigation Handler and Claims assessorLBG

UKDN Waterflow

Fantastic experience with this claim – I spoke with Mark Walker at UKDN Waterflow and explained this was an urgent claim… he took the instruction over the telephone (by email) and arranged for someone to set up the claim their end whilst I was on the phone.  He then called the local branch (Paisley) and arranged for one of their engineers to attend the same day.  Scott from the Paisley branch then completed all the necessary investigations and removed a blockage within a matter of hours from being instructed, which enabled the drain to be repaired by our customers’ plumber that same day. The speed in which this was done knocked me for 6!! It meant our customer didn’t need to go into alternative accommodation, had her toilet and washing facilities reinstated, and allowed me to arrange the necessary clean-up of her home right away. Thought you should know, because great service like this shouldn’t go unrecognised!!”

Gareth JonesMitigation Handler and Claims assessorLBG