Case Study – Inefficient maintenance cycle


A high end boutique retail business was suffering from an inefficient maintenance cycle and repeat blockages. The disruption to their business as usual led them to ask UKDN Waterflow to take over the drainage maintenance. Our standard approach to repeat problems was then followed:

Inspect: One of UKDN Waterflow’s small diameter camera identified the problem areas.

Repair: UKDN Waterflow recommended and implemented 2 no. patch repairs to fix holes and re-laid one run that had inadequate falls.

Maintain: An effective ‘Planned Maintenance Program’ was then instigated to avoid blockages occurring from inadequate maintenance, while a rapid response SLA was implemented to deal with blockages arising from misuse.

“The standard of the report and professionalism Waterflow showed was like chalk and cheese compared to the companies we tried before. Access for maintenance and downtime from blockages was damaging our reputation with customers, so getting the problem resolved quickly and properly is a great relief.”