Case Study – Public Buildings


The cast iron down pipes for the roof drainage in a 100 year old council owned indoor market, were encased in the structural columns of the building. Rainwater was cascading from the roof in storm events, however it was not possible to cut into the columns without causing a risk to the building structure. UKDN Waterflow were tasked with providing a solution since they already maintained the below ground drainage.

We created access points (rodding eyes) at roof level to enable CCTV survey inspection, which revealed accumulated scale and debris in the majority of the drains, some of which were fully blocked. To avoid perforating the pipes, they were mechanically bored to restore their diameter, with the debris collected in gully scoops positioned in the relevant manholes.

The post clean survey identified a high degree of corrosion and in several cases complete disintegration. UKDN Waterflow recommended and subsequently installed Brawoliner in all the down pipes to effectively renew the assets without very expensive and disruptive structural work to the building.