Case Study – Construction


UKDN Waterflow were asked to inspect, map and upgrade the predominantly pitch fibre drainage system in this Essex housing estate. The £0.5m contract required our full range of services – CCTV survey, line & level CAD survey, high pressure jetting, robotic cutting, excavation and no-dig repairs.

By using a combination of spot excavations, patch liners and full length CIPP liners UKDN Waterflow were able to provide the best value solution for the residents and landlords on the estate.

Pitch fibre pipe has a bad reputation, however our experience here was that large areas were sound. Defect areas were a result of manufacturing defects rather than an inherent problem with the

We assessed the number and nature of defects, and selected the most appropriate pipe repair technique. In general re-rounding and CIPP patch / full length lining was the most economic solution when considered in relation to the full cost of excavation and replacement (traffic management, materials, waste, resurfacing etc).