Water Supply Pipe – If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well


Water Supply Pipe – If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Clean Water Supply Pipes installation and repair form a core part of UKDN Waterflow’s capability.

UKDN Waterflow’s Plymouth base successfully completed a water main job that had seen the previous contractor fail to remediate on two previous occasions, innovatively running the pipe at the edge of a neighbouring farmers field.

A national integrated environmental consultancy specialising in practical solutions had received the water main job as a complaint case passed to them from a leading insurance company. As an already established provider to the consultancy UKDN Waterflow were tasked with finding a workable solution.

As the problem had not been resolved stakeholder relationship skills were vital, as UKDN Waterflow had to liaise with the customer, a farmer who owned the field next to the bungalow, and both the insurance company and the consultancy. Our Customer Ownership Team provided pivotal liaison support between all parties.

Plymouth Base Supervisor Lee Whyte and head engineer Peter Wood moled a new water main in through various launch and receiving pits in through the farmer’s field and grounds of the property after it proved difficult to lay the pipe alongside the existing leaking pipe leading to the customer’s bungalow.

The 250 metre long pipe passed alongside the edge of the farmer’s field and the work involved purchasing two lines of crop to compensate the farmer. The moling proved successful, with no further leaks for the customer.
To ensure that the farmer did not plough up the water main at a later date a sign was created indicating the position of the water main in relation to the hedge.