Alliances and Joint Ventures

UKDN Waterflow has extensive experience of working on large-scale infrastructure projects with contractor alliances and joint ventures.

We understand that risk can be shared amongst a multiple contractor base to achieve the best value for the asset owner, whilst freeing contractors to create the optimum collaborative arrangement.

We are especially accomplished within the NEC3 suite of framework agreements, with Option A (fixed price), Option B, and Option C (incentive) arrangements. We base our collaboration and supply chain management on BS11000; our approach being built on this standard and on our accumulated experience.

UKDN Waterflow is the water and wastewater infrastructure contractor of choice for collaborative projects.

Key themes

The principles of our collaborative arrangements are to:

  1. Establish the outcomes required,
  2. Agree the approach to achieving the outcomes,
  3. Develop capability from the best available resources in the alliance,
  4. Build the integrated team and associated relationships,
  5. Deliver the outcomes in the new collaborative way.

We believe that the partners should develop the costs together, create one set of prelims, and devise a budget to deliver the work with one integrated risk and opportunities register. Processes are designed to eliminate man marking, and principal members of the supply chain are integrated into the arrangement.

To talk about the benefits we would bring to your alliance and joint venture project, call 0333 344 2937.