Water and Sewerage Companies

Water and sewerage experience

UKDN Waterflow has been providing services to Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs) and asset owners since 1965.

These years of experience, combined with our investment in training, technology and equipment, have allowed us to provide the best value asset management services to our many water and drainage company customers.

Totex. Capex. Opex. Targeted Results

Efficient delivery of Totex wastewater infrastructure, asset management lifecycle with the latest sewer flow monitoring, asset mapping and data management tools means we identify any issues which arise, immediately. Working with you, we will then develop a long-term strategy to manage your service and structural requirements.

Naturally, we work to ISO 55000 best practice standards and are happy to use (or interface with) your own asset management systems. The benefits of UKDN Waterflow’s service include:

Drainage solutions for water companies

  • Real-time asset condition updates
  • Fast-tracked recommendations for long-term solutions to service; and structural issues identified – maintenance and Capex
  • Fast-track delivery of minor works solutions
  • Escalation of fully-scoped hydraulic and major structural problems to your chosen partners
  • Asset condition degradation rates in critical network areas
  • Root cause analysis of service condition degradation causes

Integrated Values driving SIM scores

Drainage solutions for water companies

Our values have been developed to integrate and support the values and goals of water and wastewater companies, driving customer outcomes and ultimately SIM scores. A ‘Right First Time’ approach is built into our systems and procedures, forming the backbone of our Integrated Management System (IMS). A culture of getting everyone home safely, everyday, and a strategy to strive for zero waste are evidence of our commitment to our people, the public and the environment. We are working towards CEMARS accreditation.

Private Sewer Transfer

Drainage solutions for water companies

Since Private Sewer Transfer in 2011 brought thousands of kilometres of household drains under the control of Water and Sewerage Companies (WaSCs), we have extended our service with leading edge software innovation to help water companies map previously unrecorded household sewers. This includes asset mapping programmes and identifying householder-, insurer- or WaSC responsibility under the changed conditions. Naturally we also continue to carry out the remediation of small-bore household drains and CIPP UV-lined rehabilitation to major sewer networks for our WaSC clients.

UKDN Waterflow offers solutions to all your wastewater infrastructure needs. Speak to our WaSC specialists to find out more on 0333 344 2937. Or complete the contact form on this page.

  • UKDN Waterflow Drain and sewer CCTV survey and inspection
  • Drain-and-sewer-unblocking-and-cleaning

    Drain unblocking

    We combine CCTV inspection with best practice techniques and processes for drain and sewer jetting to remove intrusions such as roots, heavy scales, FOG, cement deposits and other obstructions that can be found in drains, sewers and pipelines.