Drainage lifecycle plans

Drainage lifecycle plans


Drainage Asset Lifecycle Management

Drainage Asset Lifecycle Management is a legal requirement.

When a drain or sewer has been put in the ground, it becomes the responsibility of the person or organisation that has installed it to ensure that the drain’s performance is monitored throughout its lifecycle.

This is also required, particularly in the production and manufacturing sectors, as part of the environmental ISO qualification process.

Asset owners should have regular drain surveys to make sure that the wastewater system is in good working order, that they have accurate waterflow management data, and also that they hold records of the location and route of the pipes.

Regular surveys and maintenance help to avoid potential pollution incidents which may be caused by pipes failing or not functioning at optimum capacity.

Who provides lifecycle management?

With our complete range of drainage services and vast experience, UKDN Waterflow (LG), of course.

We deliver targeted results for your wastewater network, whether it be Totex, Capex or Opex. UKDN Waterflow (LG) provides the whole package for your wastewater infrastructure asset management, with surveys, planned maintenance and major and minor works programmes.

Our drainage asset management services

Our project and programme management capability and resources (including GIS and data management) allow you to achieve your target improvement. Working to ISO55000 best practice, we use, or interface with, your asset management systems to deliver:

  • Real-time asset condition updates
  • Recommendations for long term solutions to service and structural issues identified – maintenance and Capex
  • Delivery of major or minor work programmes
  • Escalation of fully-scoped hydraulic and major structural problems via your chosen partners
  • Asset condition degradation rates in critical network areas
  • Root cause analysis of service condition degradation cause
  • Asset Mapping and data management
  • Sewer Flow monitoring
  • Jet vac cleaning
  • Mainline CCTV
  • Dig-up and rehabilitation of sewers
  • Fast track critical asset inspection
  • First time resolution of household issues (including resident liaison to improve qualitative and quantitative SIM scores)

Find out more

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